More Polite Spanish Phone Phrases

This is Part 2 of Polite Spanish phone phrases. (Return to Part 1). Here you will find and extended list of various useful phone phrases in Spanish. A handy phrase, that makes it easier to be polite in Spanish is to say

"Favor de" in front of an infinitive verb, which translates into saying "please".

Phrases such as, "Please don't hang up", or "please call again" can be made like this:

Favor de volver a llamar. Please call back (pronounced: vol VER a ya MAR)

Favor de volver a llamarme a las dos = Please call me back at 2:00 (fill in whichever time)

llamarme al 728-1234 = call me at [whatever number]

no llamar de nuevo = don't call back


pronunciation note: the letter "ll" (llamar = to call) in Spanish in Mexico sounds more like the "y" of English. llamar is pronounced as "ya MAR"

Also the verbs in the infinitive form, ending with -ar, -er or -ir have the last syllable accented. Below, I have put the pronunciation of the main verb in parentheses.


no colgar = don't hang up (col GAR)

dejar un recado = leave a message (de HAR)

enviarme un texto = send me a text (en viAR)

esperar un momento = wait a moment (espe RAR)

marcar de nuevo = dial again (mar CAR)

decirle que llamé = tell him/her that I called. (deh-CIR-leh)

dejar su nombre y número = leave your name and number (de HAR)

repetir su nombre/número = repeat your name/number (re peh TIR)

With the Spanish phrases above, I have given a simple way for you to say things in Spanish on the telephone.

However, a native speaker of Spanish may vary it, but still basically saying the same things as above. Below are some of the variations of what you may hear. These Spanish phone phrases may have "por favor" at the end.

No cuelgue (kwel-geh) por favor. = Don't hang up,please.

Vuelve a llamar. = Call again.

Espere un momento, = Wait a moment.

Marque de nuevo. = Dial again.

Some of you may recognize these as Spanish command forms. If you think these are easy to say, go ahead and use them too.

Common Problems

A Bad Connection

Often you need a quick Spanish phone phrase when there is bad phone connection, you can't hear the person on the other end, and you need them to call back. You can say,

"No le escucho, favor de marcar de nuevo." = I can't hear you, please dial again.


"No le escucho, favor de llamarme de nuevo." = I can't hear you, please call me again.

A Wrong Number

Another common problem is someone gets the wrong number. So what's a quick phrase in Spanish to reply? If you made the mistake, you can say

"Perdón, tengo el número equivocado." (pronounced- eh-ki-vo-CA-do)

If someone makes a mistake in calling you, you can say,

"Usted tiene el número equivocado."= You have a wrong number.

You did not understand.

This is the most common problem when dealing with calls in Spanish.

"Perdón, no le entiendo." = Sorry, I don't understand (you).

Apologize for a problem

For those situations when a problem occurs, knowing how to give a simple apology can show good manners.

"Disculpe por el problema" = I'm sorry about the problem.

Other helpful Spanish phone phrases and words

Me prestes tu teléfono? Necesito hacer una llamada. = (Informal)Can you lend me your phone? I need to make a call?


Me preste su teléfono, necesito hacer una llamada.(Formal)

Llámame, sí? = Call me, right?

Sí, te llamo luego. Yes, I'll call you later.

la línea está ocupada = the line is busy

una llamada de teléfono o una llamada telefónica = a phone call

mi/tu número de teléfono = my/your(informal) phone number

teléfono celular = cell phone

mi celular = my cell phone

operadora = operator

una llamada internacional /de larga distancia = an international call/ a long distance call

una llamada por cobrar = a collect call

lada = area code (used in Mexico)

Examples of Spanish phone phrases when talking to the operator

Quiero hacer una llamada de larga distancia, por favor. = I'd like to make a long distance call, please.

Quiero hacer una llamada por cobrar a Canada. = I'd like to make a collect call to Canada.

¿Cúal es la lada de Guadalajara? = What is the area code for Guadalajara?

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