¡Ven Acá! Come and Practice Spanish in Boise

¿Hablas español? If you're an adult who would like to practice Spanish with others in the Boise area informally and for free, there are two meetings that I know of and will mention below.

But first, here's a little background of the history of one of the former places to practice Spanish in Boise. From 2005 to 2015, there was a program at the Garden City library called Practice Aquí. It was led by Gladys Ledo who created it to give her home schooled children a place to practice conversational Spanish and it was open to adults. However, as of January 2016, Gladys has retired from this position. The Garden City Public Library now has a Spanish bilingual book section in honor of Gladys. If you would like practice your Spanish through reading, come and check out the books there. Also, if you have children that you would like to start early with learning Spanish there is a bilingual story time there. It is called "Aventuras en Español", you can call 208-472-2944 for day and times.

1. El Grupo  (meets every second Wednesday of the month)

Practice Spanish with this group that has been meeting in Boise for over 30 years, even before being bilingual was in! It was started by a group of women that included a Spanish teacher who saw the need to practice Spanish outside of a classroom setting. It has grown to a bigger group that meets every 2nd Wed. of the month from 7pm to 9pm.

El Grupo meets at a different home each month. The setting is informal with wine and "bocadillas/botanas" available (You are welcome to bring something to contribute to the spread). There are a few native Spanish speakers and many non native Spanish speakers at various levels of fluency.

It may seem a little intimidating at first if you feel weak about your Spanish, but you can come prepared with a "soundbyte" about yourself and take the plunge to immerse yourself in Spanish for an evening. Everyone is very nice. I have met fascinating people at these get-togethers.

Write me through my contact page and I will forward you the current month's email to let you know where El Grupo will have its next "convivio". Once at the gathering, look for Liddy or "Quique" to get added to the El Grupo's email list . 

2. MeetUp: Español Hablado (Various meeting times)

The newest group in town; it was started in May 2013. Practice your Spanish conversation skills with advanced speakers of Spanish. You can see from their page when their events are happening. As of January 2016, participation seems to have lagged. However, here is their page:  MeetUpSpanish and you can see if new interest has picked up. 

There are Spanish language schools in Boise and there is a Dual language Spanish/English program for children offered at two elementary schools in the Boise School District.

Spanish Language schools in Boise

Puentes: This Spanish language school is located at 1605 S. Phillippi, SW corner of Overland and Phillippi.

Trudy and Scott McGavin run the Puentes school with various times of group Spanish lessons for adults and children. They run a bilingual preschool in two locations. They also have travel programs. You can see what they offer here: Puentes Language Programs & Preschool 

CR Languages

This language school is located in downtown Boise. They also teach other languages apart from Spanish. Here is their website: CR Languages 

Page last updated 2/2/2016