Benefits of learning a second language

abound for the adult and child learner alike. I will be discussing the benefits of learning a second language for adults in this first section. Scroll down to see the second section on benefits for children.

Language Learning Benefits for Adults

I recently read an article, "Use Your Brain A LOT more Often or Risk Losing It" from It has a very recent study written up in the Journal of the American Medical Association Dec. 20, 2006 296(23):2805-2814

It was a five year study done on repeated "brain exercise" over six weeks. Overall the study concludes that keeping mentally active improves your memory and cognitive capacity.

Learning Spanish is an ideal way to reap the benefits of learning a second language. It keeps an adult brain healthy and alert. Apart from the memory improvement and cognitive enhancements, there is a wonderful social and/or soul enrichment that occurs when traveling and actually using the language to communicate with native speakers. There are great programs in nearby Mexico that one can choose from to actually learn the language while on vacation there. If you choose a program in which you live with a host family, you'll experience a healthy social challenge of coming out of your comfort zone and interacting with new people of from a different culture daily. Laughter is good for the soul too, and I can vouch that whether in a classroom setting or getting lost and trying to communicate your way back home, a lot of kidding and laughing at oneself goes on.

All of these things are a benefit on many levels to those who are learning a second language. Aside from the things mentioned above there are even physical benefits of learning a foreign language. Physical? you ask, ¡Sí, físicas! Depending on where you choose to learn Spanish in Mexico, you can get in a lot of walking in the sunshined streets. There are Spanish study programs in Cancun, even one that integrates scuba diving into your learning Spanish schedule.

Links of recommendations coming soon.

Language Learning Benefits for Children

Once children start to learn Spanish,the benefits of learning a second language are amazing.This section lists the benefits for children and teens

• it will help them to develop intellectually

• it expands their mental capacities

• it stretches their listening ability to be able to hear clearer distinctions between sounds

• it sensitizing children to language, instead of just shutting out the hearing of another language as indistinct background noise, they become careful listeners discerning whether they understand the other language

• it gives them a better undertanding of their own native language

• it gives them an appreciation for people of other countries and cultures

• it takes away the fear of people different from themselves or any attempts at trying to communicate with them

• in school testing, it has been proven that bilingual children consistently score higher than monolingual students.

• they have an academic advantage at being ahead of the game with college requirements

• they have improved marketability in the business world. Global commerce continues to grow, and their language skills give them high qualifications.

From the list above, you can see that the benefits of learning a second language for children and young adults cover a large area from cognitive development, to social development, and even vocational development. These benefits will take them into adulthood with many advantages.

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