You want to learn Spanish, but there are so many programs,

and so little time. How do you know which program to use?

Here at Learn Spanish Smart, you can learn Spanish more efficiently, by taking into account your learning style and personality. Each person has a certain learning bent. When you understand how you learn and receive teaching that fits that style, you progress faster. In other words, you are learning smarter. Whether you are an adult learner or have a child learner in mind, there are programs that are geared to your way of learning.

However, when you start to get all that language to stick in your head, the biggest challenge is: how do you actually get it to start coming out of your mouth? That was my challenge when I learned Spanish "old school" style. By "old school" I mean, memorizing the conjugation charts and vocabulary lists by rote. I was good at memorizing, but never learned to speak Spanish in high school or college.( You can read the long version of my learning to speak Spanish by clicking on the "About Me" button on the left.)

The articles I have planned for this site will have my recommendations of current programs that work best with your learning style, and will address the challenge of how to become conversant and fluent in Spanish. Since I am a Spanish language aficionado and spent many years living in Mexico, I also have a variety of articles touching on Mexican culture along with different aspects about learning Spanish.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, home schooler or the type of person who says, "work smarter, not harder", this site is for you.

As you scroll below, or use the navigation bars on the left, I hope you find an article of interest or benefit to you.

Being polite in Spanish
You've heard of being politically correct, what about being polite in Spanish? Learn your manners in Spanish
Polite Phone Spanish
Which is the polite phone Spanish word when you first answer? Hello, Hola, or Bueno?
Tim Ferriss How to Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish using Tim Ferriss' ideas on deconstructing a language using "six lines of gold".
Listening Practice in Spanish on the internet
Do you need listening practice in Spanish? There are excellent sites on the Internet to help.
Learning Strategies for Adults Learning Spanish
Key learning strategies for the smart adult learner who wants to learn Spanish fast
Benefits of learning a second language
Benefits of learning a second language abound whether you're an adult or child, when learning a second language
Is a Spanish Immersion Program for me?
Is a Spanish immersion program really the best way to learn Spanish?
Practice Your Spanish in Boise
You may not have thought that you can practice Spanish in Boise, Idaho, but you can
More Spanish Phone Phrases
Do you want more Spanish phone phrases that are really useful?
Learn Spanish While Enjoying Mariachi Music
Learn Spanish while enjoying Mexican Mariachi Songs
Create a local Spanish immersion experience
Can't get away for a Spanish immersion program? Make your own Local Spanish immersion program.
My Teaching Style
Everyone has a different learning style, I'll gear my teaching style to your needs.
Learning to speak Spanish and Me
Here's my journey of learning to speak Spanish after so many classes that didn't teach me to speak it.
Contact me
Learning Spanish, Do you have a question?